About 360-degree Feedback

In today?s big businesses, performance assessments and professional development plans are usually facilitated by 360-degree feedback (also called multisource feedback). According to some sources, 90% of Fortune 1000 companies currently use 360� feedback techniques to assess and enhance employee effectiveness. Essentially, 360� feedback provides insight about how individuals perceive themselves compared to how they are perceived by the people around them. For instance, a manager?s performance may be reviewed by their boss, their colleagues, their subordinates, and their customers. Participants receive a multisource summary of individual strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. Organizational researchers have shown that when administered effectively, the 360� feedback process can lead to increased self-awareness and professional effectiveness.

Surprisingly, these well-established professional techniques have rarely been adapted for personal uses. The goal of the Personality Pad team is to develop and evaluate publicly-accessible, online tools for self-awareness and -insight. PersonalityPad.org features an interactive online experience that allows users to generate and interpret 360� personality feedback.

360� feedback involves multiple perspectives

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